Almost one year into the pandemic, are we finally learning to prioritize mental health? 

Maintaining mental health throughout COVID has been a challenge for almost everyone. Many who had manageable symptoms pre-pandemic watched as their illness quickly spiraled out of control. 

Isolated and threatened with illness and death; depression, anxiety, paranoia & OCD have had the chance to tighten their hold and become an even stronger unwelcome presence.

As the world battles the pandemic we must also be ready to fight the current mental health crisis.

Honest dialogue is having a positive effect, more than ever before we are acknowledging the importance of both our physical and mental health.

In a moment of need, are you familiar with the resources available for help in your country?

COVID has pushed mental health to the top of our to do lists. Without putting it off any longer it has become a necessity for each of us to have our own mental health survival plan.

Be sure you know where to turn, if you or a loved one were urgently in need.

No one deserves to suffer alone.


Here are some resource links if you happen to be in Canada:

Mental wellness resources for Canadian writers and their families

Mental Health First Aid Canada