The most popular jean skirt wearing girl,

Points to a reddish-brown stain

On her behind.

“Don’t you know what this is?”

I wear a training bra

For tits I’m not able to understand yet,

My 4th grade teacher

Watches me go up stairs

On tip toes, he can’t get over

How cute it is!

He runs his hand up and down

All the girls backs,

To see if they’re wearing one

He thinks we don’t know what he’s doing, but…

He does it more to some girls than others

At least the boys don’t get touched,

Really they do enough touching

Except when everyone runs

From the nearby parish priest.

His cheek pinches; a form of torture

Once caught in his grip,

You could be there for days

Have I ever put to good use

The skills learned from baton twirling?

It’s all fun and games until

“Mom, look how much blood is in my mouth!”

Still have a chip on my tooth


No wait…

Her older sister says, don’t shave or you’ll

Only end up hairier

She’s made out with lots of boys and knows stuff

Like how to give a blow job.

If you need to lose weight all you have to do is starve yourself,

Maybe stick a finger down your throat

She says, it works every time.



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